August 10, 2020

August 11: Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

By Nicole Macdonald
August 11: Last Quarter Moon in Taurus | Deuxmoons

By Straight Up Tarot

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus - August 11, 2020 9:47 AM PT // 11:47 AM CT // 12:47 PM ET

The Last Quarter Moon is the final stage of the lunar cycle. The intentions you set during the New Moon are completing their journey and making their way into your reality. This time is all about transition, reorientation, and completion. It's the best time in the Moon Cycle to take closing action, follow-up, and complete all the activities that began at the New Moon phase. This is also a time to release, surrender, and reflect on all you have learned from this lunar cycle.

During the Waning Phase, this is an excellent time to find significance and deeper meaning in your life experiences, as this is a profoundly reflective moment of the lunar cycle. This is the perfect time to go inward and discover what the Moon has been showing you throughout this cycle. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • "What do I need to do to nurture my manifestations?"
  • "What outdated limitations or patterns have shown up that I broke through during this cycle?"
  • "How can I sustain my growth in the coming cycle?"
  • "Do I have a support system in place to help me handle the changes I'm experiencing?"

This Last Quarter Moon is in the sign of Taurus. When the Moon is in Taurus, we want to really be in our bodies and enjoy every sensation of our five senses. This sign brings out our capacity to really enjoy our lives on earth instead of yearning for some other heavenly plane of existence! This is the time to really make yourself comfortable and cozy, listen to beautiful music, enjoy some delicious food, and move your body in a way that feels really good. Or, if you're feeling genuinely exhausted, take a really long, luxurious nap! Anything you can do to please the senses during this time will be beneficial to your being. Also, Taurus is known as the "slow mover" of the zodiac, so honor this sign by really savoring every delicious moment of existence during this Moon.

Taurus energy is really grounded and earthy, and it allows us the ability to really focus on One. Thing. At. A. Time. Which, if you're an extreme multi-tasker, should be a nice energetic break for you. When paired with the Moon's waning energy, this energy may feel very slow, especially only days after the peak of the Lionsgate Portal (8/8/2020.) You may feel "less productive," and possibly even sluggish, but remember that giving your 100% focus to one task at a time can be a deeply productive way of working, so just go with the flow on this one :)

Additionally, this energy really encourages you to explore things thoroughly, so if you've wanted to work on a hobby or discover a new talent, this is your time to go all in. Taurus provides us with the ability to slow down and flesh out ideas and projects to the max, which is super beneficial to getting "in the zone."

Some activities to enjoy during a Taurus Moon:

  • Giving or receiving a massage
  • Baking or cooking
  • Dancing or singing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Stretching or Yoga
  • Trying new foods or drinks
  • Crafting with your hands
  • Gardening

The Moon in Taurus also brings our finances to the forefront of our minds, as safety and security are big themes for this sign. Taurus urges you to understand that the more you give, the more you receive. This is all about seeing your money and resources as manifestations of your life force, not about being materialistic. As you allow this energy to flow through you, you generate greater abundance in return. When you operate in this way, you will never be without. Taurus energy gives you the intuitive capacity to easily manifest the resources you need to feel comfortable and secure. These are necessary to feel emotionally centered during Moon in Taurus transits.

Other Astrological Happenings during this moon phase:

  • Moon Trine Jupiter - Extremely favorable. Brings material and social successes into our consciousness, and helps us have a positive and optimistic outlook on life. 
  • Moon Sextile Neptune - Also favorable. Brings us an active imagination, bolsters our spirits, and makes us feel empathetic. Likely to make you feel dreamy and creative.
  • Moon Trine Pluto - Makes our emotional life feel very active, yet feel one sided. (hint: it’s not, we’re all feeling it!) Helps us to deeply experience our feelings instead of pushing them away. This may also invoke the desire to experience adventure, travel, or the discovery of new places/things/ideas.

The Reading:

Card 1: What must I accept to keep moving forward and progressing towards my goals and intentions?

Draw: The Magician

The Magician represents magic, manifestation power, creativity, resourcefulness, and having all the skills and resources you need to create your desired reality. This card is calling you to truly, finally accept that you are magic! Seriously, you are magical. You have everything you need to succeed in life right now, from skills, to knowledge, to universal manifesting energy. It’s all at your fingertips, waiting for you to put it to use. So ask yourself, where are you unwilling to accept your magic? Or on a more grounded level, where are you unwilling to accept your skills or talents? What about acknowledging your intelligence and experience? Tap into the energy of the Magician, and call back your power! (**see meditation at the end of the reading**) When you step into your power, every action your take, or step in the direction of your dreams brings with it an opportunity to create a new reality right before your eyes. If you’ve been feeling uninspired or extremely non-magical, this card is a sign to proactively try to regain your spark. Go find your muse. Go find you "why." Once you gain that inspiration again, it will be easier to tap into your inherent power and create magic in your life.


Card 2: Where and from whom can I find the most support and guidance along my path?

Draw: The Wheel

The Wheel represents fate, destiny, changes, cycling through karmic lessons, and a turning point. The Wheel is asking you to place your faith in the hands of the Universe. Prepare yourself for new opportunities, divine timing, and fortuitous meetings! Be open to spotting opportunities and synchronicities everywhere! When you place faith in the universe that you’re always beings taken care of and provided for, that is what you will receive. Follow the breadcrumbs on your path, and let the Universe guide you to where you need to be. Remember to embrace change rather than fearing it, as The Wheel is always turning. With every spin, we’re given the chance to up-level our lives. And, we’re never presented a lesson in which we cannot handle. Lean into your faith, and lean into the transformative energies swirling around your right now. Take some time to bolster your spiritual practice, as you’re about to get a deep lesson in co-creating with the universe. 


Card 3: What grudges have I been holding against myself or others that I must forgive and release?

Draw: The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents psychic insight, introspection, intuition, spiritual experiences, powerful visions, dreams, and serendipity. The High Priestess calls us to open ourselves to our innate knowing and intuitive wisdom. If you’ve been holding grudges against others for advising you incorrectly, or giving you unsolicited advice, just say “thank you,” and keep doin’ your thang! Ultimately, they’re just trying to be helpful, so appreciate their kindness, even if their words are misguided. There’s no need to follow their advice or get hung up on anything anyone says. Your intuition is your strongest guide, so release any residual negativity or pressure around situations like this. On the flip side, if you’ve been holding grudges against yourself for not listening to your intuition, ignoring any internal nudges or universal signs, then please work on releasing that now. It does not serve you to beat yourself up over this, so release it, and now that you know better, you can do better. Your intuition will never abandon you, and neither will the universe. It sits patiently and quietly, ready and waiting to give you guidance. All you have to do is tap in. And, with universal guidance, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the signs. They’re all around you, all the time :)


Card 4: What lesson must I learn? What else do I need to learn to manifest my intention?

Draw: The Emperor

The Emperor represents the Divine Masculine, authority, power, structure, and taking action. The Emperor calls us to embody the Divine Masculine within us at this time to manifest our intentions. This looks like taking concrete action, using analytical or strategic thinking, creating structure and routines, and instilling discipline within ourselves. The Emperor also calls us to evaluate our relationships to authority, control, willpower, and "the establishment." To manifest your intention, you made need to work within the confines of bureaucracy, or within the confines of "societal rules." Do your best to remain flexible around this, and be aware of where your boundaries are as you explore these topics. All in all, you’re being called to embody the fiery, passionate, successful energy of the Divine Masculine (remember the last card of our Full Moon reading? This is your King of Wands energy!) Additionally, find opportunities to be of service to others while you create your empire. Tap into that Taurus energy of generosity! Lifting others up also helps to lift us up! What you give to the world will be returned to you!


Card 5: Affirmation/Energy for the remainder of the lunar cycle

Draw: The World

Affirmation: I accept the gift of completion, and acknowledge my deepened awareness and growth.

The World represents wholeness, completion, happy endings, success, abundance, and new levels of consciousness. What a beautiful way to end this cycle! The World signifies a successful conclusion to a large project or phase in your life, so take some time to celebrate this success and bask in the glow of completion. If you’re not quite at the finish line yet, know that this card signifies that you’re on the right path to success! Consciously step into this energy, and welcome any and all life shifts as your outer reality changes to match the beautiful inner reality you’ve been cultivating as of late. This is also a reminder to keep going strong, and remain focused on your goals. Don’t start slacking now that you know you’re close! This is a divine glimpse at the end of your journey, so use this inspiration to fuel you to keep going!



Affirmation: I accept the gift of completion, and acknowledge my deepened awareness and growth.

Action Steps: 

  • Accept that you are magic.
  • Accept that you have all the skills and resources you need to create your desired reality.
  • Acknowledge your skills, talents, intelligence, and experience.
  • Call back your power!
  • Regain your spark/Find your muse.
  • Prepare yourself for new opportunities, divine timing, and fortuitous meetings!
  • Be open to spotting opportunities and synchronicities everywhere!
  • Let the Universe guide you to where you need to be.
  • Bolster your spiritual practice.
  • Lean into the transformative energies around you.
  • Open yourself to your innate knowing and intuitive wisdom.
  • Release grudges against others for guiding you incorrectly
  • Release grudges against yourself for not following your intuition or universal guidance
  • Embody the fiery, passionate, and successful energy of the Divine Masculine to manifest your intentions.
  • Evaluate your relationships to authority, control, willpower, and “the establishment.” 
  • Find opportunities to be of service to others while you create your empire.
  • Take some time to celebrate successes and bask in the glow of completion.
  • Welcome any and all life shifts as your outer reality changes to match your inner reality.
  • Keep going strong, and remain focused on your goals (don’t start slacking now that your know that you’re close to success!)


A quick and easy practice that I like to do everyday:

Sit on the floor in a comfortable position with your back straight, or in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground.
Breathe deeply for a few moments in silence.
When you’re ready, imagine tiny little energetic tendrils coming out from all sides of you, and going out into the ethers forever.
Demand out loud that all your energy and power now be returned to you.
Stay here for a moment as the energy travels back through those tendrils into your being.
When you are ready, say thank you out loud.
Snap your fingers to clear out any residual attachments. 

If you need something a little more in-depth, this meditation by Tess Whitehurst is a beautiful practice:

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