June 28: First Quarter Waxing Moon

June 28, 2020

June 28: First Quarter Waxing Moon

by Straight Up Tarot

This First Quarter Moon is in Libra. First Quarter Moon Reading for June 28th 1:15 AM PT/4:15 AM ET/3:15 AM CT.

The moon hits its First Quarter phase in Libra at 9 degrees, at 1:15 AM PT/4:15 AM ET/3:15 AM CT.

The First Quarter Moon is a time for taking action after getting super, crystal clear on our vision during the New Moon. As the moon progresses towards fullness, issues may come up for you that require adjusting to your plans or taking decisive and inspired action. The First Quarter Moon is when problems with any of your plans should be addressed, and any wrinkles should be ironed out. 

When the moon is in Libra, you may have a strong need for balance and harmony. The urge to keep things "nice" rather than disturbing the peace will be strong right now. However, this is the time to learn that you should not be afraid to share your true feelings, "good" or "bad." Don't shy away from being who you truly are, despite whatever expectations have been unfairly laid on you. The energy of Libra also tends to have us afraid of making the "wrong" decision, for fear of disappointing others, so it's essential to keep moving forward and not get stuck in indecision. Thankfully, the moon helps us cultivate our intuition and innate problem-solving skills, so when in doubt, rely on your inner guidance system.

Moon in Libra energy is really great for all kinds of partnerships, as Libra energy loves a good relationship! Additionally, this is a great time to get inspired by art and aesthetics, and you're encouraged to seek out beauty in your life in all forms during this moon phase. If you've been thinking about starting a new art project or revamping your look, this would be an excellent time to start dreaming up some ideas!

Other Astrological Happenings from the Past Week:

  • Neptune (planet of illusion) turned retrograde on Monday, 6/22. It will remain here until November 28th. When Neptune turns retrograde, it opens our eyes to ways we may have been deceived by others and how we have deceived ourselves.
  • Mercury (planet of communication) is still retrograde until July 12th, in the sign of Cancer. Remember that retrogrades can have a destabilizing effect, so tread lightly in terms of all things emotional and family. Remember to not take things personally, and leave difficult conversations for another time. 
  • On Thursday, 6/25, Venus (planet of love) finally turned direct after approximately six weeks in retrograde. Any insights experienced during Venus Retrograde might provide you with the confidence to make decisions that impact your relationships.
  • Mars (planet of aggression) moves into Aries on 6/27. With Aries moving in, energy levels should start ramping up, and everyone should start feeling more motivated and confident. This energy can also be impulsive, so expect things to move fast and be prepared for it. Remember to consider all the consequences of your actions before you dive in headfirst on projects and decisions that are difficult to reverse. This is an excellent time for quick and decisive actions, a fantastic time to start projects, assert your independence, and be spontaneous. Don't shy away from speaking your mind. When interacting with others, be mindful of becoming irritated and impatient.
  • Today, 6/28, Mars (planet of aggression, currently in Aries) angles toward Saturn (planet of rules and structure, presently retrograde in Aquarius), bringing enhanced focus and super high productivity. If you have a to-do list that's a mile long, this is the perfect time to knock them out. Aquarius is the social justice warrior of the zodiac, and Saturn's influence in this sign encourages you to put your efforts towards humanitarian endeavors like nonprofit work or volunteering. Along with the influence of Mars, this energy can help you get really fired up about a cause you've been wanting to contribute to, or light a fire under your butt to FINALLY start taking action on revamping your life for ultimate fulfillment.

This tarot reading helps to identify any lingering doubts that may be holding us back from taking action towards our goals laid out during the New Moon.

The Reading

Card 1: Your current self-perception

Draw: The High Priestess


The High Priestess represents veiled wisdom, mystery, quiet and deep knowing, and spiritual evolution. You’ve begun peeking behind the curtain of your subconscious, and have started to trust in your intuition and inner guidance system. Keep going deeper! The High Priestess reminds us that we already have everything we need inside of us, and we already know the answers to all our questions. All we have to do is tune in. This card is an invitation to continue to explore your spirit, and trust that the guidance you’re receiving is true and correct. Free yourself of needing to know all the answers immediately. Throw out the rulebook! Don’t put your soul on blast if you’re not receiving the guidance you want, right when you want it. True wisdom comes from quiet self-reflection, and trusting in your own personal experience of life. There is not one “right and 100% correct” way to connect with your soul. There is not one “right and 100% correct” way to live your life, either. The more you trust in yourself and your intuition, the more you’ll cultivate the inner strength and conviction needed to put yourself out there to achieve your goals. 

Card 2: Your current obstacle

Draw: The Magician


The Magician represents possibility, creation, self-confidence, freedom, and magic. The Magician asks us to have faith in the unknown. To speak our desires out loud, with faith and confidence that they'll manifest in our lives. Where are you refusing to believe that you’re supported by the universe in all that you do? If you’ve been keeping yourself stuck through inaction, fueled by your own fears, now is the time to release all of that. Renew your faith in the magic of the universe. Take inspired action towards your dreams, like, ASAP(!) and know that the universe will move oceans for you to help you bring your dreams to fruition. A combination of discipline and surrender is the key to success here. Trust that you are the co-creator of your reality, and trust in divine timing. Don’t micromanage the Universe! 

Card 3: What will help you overcome this obstacle

Draw: Five of Cups


The Five of Cups represents inevitable loss, unprocessed pain, despair, regret, and a possible end to a relationship. This card asks us to fully release the loss, pain, and sorrow and move. on. There is likely very real and substantial pain that you’ve been holding onto that’s literally exhausting you and zapping you of your life force. If you’ve been wallowing in silence (or, not so silently) it’s time to put the situation to rest and stop carrying it around. Ground yourself in solitude, feel ALL the feelings of this loss/grief/pain/despair/regret, cut the energetic cords, have gratitude for the lessons it taught you, and look to the future with hope. The storm will pass, and new opportunities will show up in your life. It’s important to remember that while this loss may feel really substantial, the Five of Cups represents only a partial loss, and you cannot lose anything that is truly meant for you. It is difficult to fully surrender to the magic of the universe when we have our hearts closed off. And, when our energy is vibing so low, it’s hard to draw in anything that’s high-vibrational into our lives. Free yourself. Let it go, and do your best to choose joy.

Card 4: what’s currently holding you back and what needs to be released

Draw: Five of Wands


This card represents straight up chaos, stress, and tension. You’re likely being faced with an unstable situation somewhere in your life, in which you must decide if it’s best to stay and fight to fix things, or whether you should withdraw yourself from the struggle. There’s no right answer here, you must follow your instincts on this one. What situations, relationships, or projects in your life are causing you more grief than they’re worth? Are they truly worth holding onto if all they bring you is stress and chaos? Only you know the answer to those questions. If you stay, you must harness the chaotic energy present in this situation and make it work for you. If the situation is not worth the struggle, you can try to dramatically change the current direction things are heading in and see how things play out, or, you can decide to cut ties and completely release it from your life. When we release the things and situations that aren’t working, we make room in our life for beautiful, new things that work amazingly. Know that your joy and happiness are more important than anything else <3

Card 5: Affirmation for the First Quarter Moon

Draw: The Devil


Affirmation: It is safe to be truly myself, to speak my truth, and feel all of my emotions. I am the master of my destiny. I live more and more authentically each day. 

Contrary to popular belief, The Devil card in tarot has nothing to do with “evil.” This card represents bondage to indulgence, undisciplined behavior, a loss of sense-of-self, and codependent behavior. This card is asking you to release yourself from the bondage of “shoulds” and “have-to’s” and any other doctrines holding your freedom and peace hostage. It is safe to be truly yourself, to speak your truth, and express all of your emotions. You are the master of your destiny. Only you can put yourself in bondage, and only you can free yourself. Regain your sense-of-self, your values, and your desires. Then, release whatever doesn’t support those values and desires. Jobs, relationships, projects, whatever. Live your life with the utmost authenticity. I highly recommend The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for this kind of work. Even if you’ve done the process before, now would be a great time to do it again. 


Affirmation: It is safe to be truly myself, to speak my truth, and feel all of my emotions. I am the master of my destiny. I live more and more authentically each day. 

Action Steps:

  • Keep enhancing your intuition and inner guidance system
  • Renew your belief in the magic of the universe
  • Have faith in Divine Timing
  • Have faith in your power of manifestation
  • Do not micromanage the Universe :)
  • Take inspired action towards your goals and then surrender
  • Develop a strong sense of discipline
  • Process your pain/grief/loss
  • Be open to new possibilities and opportunities
  • Release chaos and stress in your life
  • Regain your sense-of-self, desires, and values
  • Confidently stand in your truth and release the fear of living authentically
  • Release all “shoulds” and “have-to’s” from your life that don’t align with your values
  • Embrace ALL your emotions: good and bad, light and dark
  • Bonus: work through The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

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