June 20, 2020

June 21: New Moon in Cancer // Solar Eclipse

By Emily Bolf
June 21: New Moon in Cancer // Solar Eclipse | Deuxmoons

We are so happy to introduce Nicole with Straight Up Tarot. Nicole has kindly agreed to share tarot readings each lunar cycle for the New Moon, First Quarter (Waxing), Full moon, and Last Quarter (Waning). Comment below with your thoughts and intentions for this lunar cycle . Which themes are resonating with you?

New Moon Reading 06.21.20

by Straight Up Tarot

The solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer starts at 11:41 PM PT on June 20th/2:41 AM on June 21st ET.

This Eclipse is the last in a series of Eclipses in Cancer that began in July 2019, putting the finishing touches on the issues that have been magnified since then in the part of your birth chart that contains Cancer. (Don’t know where cancer lies in your chart? You can find it by looking up your birth chart online!)

The sign of Cancer brings us into our emotions. It encourages us to tap into our sensitive sides, and aims to teach us about the transformative powers of love and tenderness.

A few things happening at the same time as this eclipse:
  • This eclipse is happening at 0° of Cancer, which is the Summer Solstice.
  • Mercury Retrograde - In the sign of Cancer, this can manifest as tension going on in the world around leadership and direction, exacerbating doubts and concerns. This could ultimately be a good thing, provided the issues actually get dealt with. This is evident in all the unrest about racial injustice and police brutality happening right now. Internally, this mercury retrograde can have you creating problems out of nothing because of previous programming. This can show up in particular around familial conditioning, leading you down emotional rabbit-holes you thought you’d outgrown.
  • The effects of asteroid Vesta, whose aim is to remind us of our inherent wholeness, the power of our life force energies, and the magic of the human experience.

We are collectively being called to not only imagine, but CREATE, networks of love and care for ourselves and our communities. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is asking us to take a good long look at where our money, time, energy, and resources are going, and to stop investing in those people, places, and things that aren’t contributing to your growth or nourishment. It is time to reinvest in those things that truly serve you, your loved ones, and the world in the highest ways possible.

The energy of this Eclipse is thought to echo throughout the rest of 2020. It brings with it new priorities,and new opportunities. It brings deep personal growth through introspection and creating new paradigms. This New Moon, you should aim to manifest more personal power, momentum, and passion so that you can stay deeply grounded and productive during this incredibly transformational time. Make the most of this energetic wave of change by going with the flow instead of resisting.

The Cards:

Card 1: What intention should I set during this new moon?

Queen of Swords Tarot Card
Draw: Queen of Swords
Intention:Become unshakably grounded in your truth through grace, self-reliance, and living authentically.

The Queen of Swords represents wisdom, power, and grace. She is self-reliant, and has earned her wisdom and grace through life experience, good and bad. This card represents crystal clarity, and candid honesty. For this new moon, your intention should be judgement-free, self-reflection in efforts to ground yourself back into your truth. It’s never easy to look at our shadowy sides, but once you shine a light on the dark areas, it becomes easier to move forward with life and make the necessary changes to become the person we most want to be. Where are you not living authentically? How can you more fully embrace your truth in your day-to-day? Where have you put up smoke screens in order to hide your flaws from the rest of the world, or yourself? The Queen of Swords doesn’t cry over spilt milk. She observes the mess, notes how to fix the mess, and then immediately gets to work on cleaning it up. Invoke the Queen’s energy during this process to steer clear of possible emotional meltdowns and dramatics. We’re working in the sign of Cancer, remember? Emotions can run high, especially in this type of work. Just remember that the aim is progress, not perfection <3 Be gentle, yet firm with yourself. 

Card 2: How can I best manifest this intention over the course of this moon cycle?

Draw: Seven of Wands The Seven of Wands represents unshakable determination, and standing to defend your ground with confidence and bravery. To fully manifest the intention of becoming grounded in your truth during this moon cycle, the Seven of Swords asks you to bravely dive deep into your shadows and fight through the darkness, the flaws, all the parts of you that you shy away from and DO. THE. WORK. You WILL emerge victoriously! This card represents triumph against the odds, so accept this transformational challenge head-on! You may encounter opposition or betrayal on this introspective journey, (ie, people around you might not be keen on you changing) but know that you have the high ground in this battle so long as you stay true to yourself and honor your values with your thoughts, actions, and words. And remember, you can’t change anyone else but yourself.

Card 3: How will the energy of this new moon be affecting me?

Draw: Strength

This new moon is asking you to get in touch with your emotional side, but mainly your fiery and passionate side. What are you afraid of? What are you mad about? What do you desperately want to change? What are you so passionate about that you could burst? Use your passion, fire, and anger constructively. The Strength card represents matching your fire with your peace, and mastering the combination of the two through immense inner strength and courage. Taming the lion, if you will. It represents power through honoring all facets of yourself, and not favoring one side of your emotions over another. On the path of self-improvement, we tend to shy away from the “dark side” of emotions in an attempt to keep the vibe “high,” but now is not the time for that. Embrace ALL of your emotions. When harnessed properly, your inner fire can propel you and your goals forward with major speed. This is not about succumbing to the fire and burning our lives down. We’re looking at major determination, harnessed passionate energy, and transcendence through self-discipline. STRENGTH.

Card 4: How can I best integrate and work with this new moon energy?

The Draw: Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a card that represents unexpected change, good or bad. This card likes to remind us that life is never, ever predictable, and that change is inevitable. And, necessary. The energy of this card is impersonal, though. You’re not under attack by life, and if you’ve been waiting for a major change, you’re in luck. You’re about to have a random encounter with chance, and the outcome is unknown. But, the odds are in your favor, if you can find the courage to surf the waves of change, and the inner strength to keep your emotions in check instead of succumbing to worries and fear. The best way to work with this new moon energy is to go with the flow. You won’t be perfect, but so long as you stand firm in your truth and act with integrity, you won’t get sucked under the water. MAJOR change is happening all over the world right now, and the only thing you can do is embrace it.  How can you positively contribute to this global shift? What side of history do you want to be on? Know that this change is happening with or without you, so it’s best to get on board. Now is not the time for standing on the sidelines, it’s the time for taking inspired action.

Card 5: What lessons does this new moon hold for me?

Draw: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands represents stagnant energy due to trying to maintain the status quo at the expense of growth and expansion. If you’ve been spending a great deal of energy trying to “hold it all together” now is the time to just let it go. The lesson here is to let go of all the things in your life that aren’t working, that feel soul-sucking, or stuck and stagnant. Anything that is truly for you cannot pass you by. When you release soul-sucking people, places, and things, you create a beautiful vacuum in your life that sucks in new, beautiful things to take their place! During this new moon, the Ten of Wands reinforces the need for you to get in touch with your emotions, your passions, and your truth, and to embrace change. Say “no” to the people, places, and things that don’t match the energy of who you want to be. This will leave space and resources for the people, places, and things you do want in your life!

Card 6: what do I need to release during this new moon?

Draw: Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords represents taking risks. Are you afraid of acting on your ideas or making your goals a reality? Have you been standing on the sidelines for too long? This new moon, it’s time to release your fear of taking risks, taking action, and of standing in your truth. The world needs people living boldly, and committed to showing up as 100% themselves, and those who are not afraid of making the world a better place by shining bright. That being said, you must be prepared to deal with the consequences of risk taking, expected or unexpected. By stepping into your power, you may lose some people in your inner circle. The unfortunate truth is that some will tell you “you’re shining too bright” or that “you’ve changed” and they’re not down for that. But, knowing why you’re taking these risks will minimize the damage to you and your emotions. Know that those who truly love and value you will stand with you no matter what, and they’ll be supportive of you changing in a positive way.

Card 7: How can I best release this?

Draw: Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands represents rapid change, swift developments, and rapid conclusions. The way to release the fear of taking risks as represented by the previous card, Seven of Swords, is to TAKE ACTION. Once you start taking action towards changing your life and achieving your goals, you’ll start to build momentum. And once you start making some good changes and start feeling really good about all the real world progress you’re making...it’s not the time to relax and ease up! This is the time to keep pushing on until you really hit your goals. This moon cycle is filled with major transformational energy, and you should put it to good use changing your life for the better, fast! And the only way to do that is to get your dreams and goals out of your head, and into the real world through dedicated action. If you’ve been waiting to make any kind of life change, now is your time. Take the natural momentum of this time and the exceptional energy of this new moon and be committed to achieving your goals no matter what! And if you’re in the midst of change, now is not the time to give up, even when things feel really, unbearably hard. The light at the end of the tunnel is so close, victory is imminent! Keep Going!!

Card 8: Affirmation for the moon cycle

Draw: The Tower


Your affirmation for this moon cycle: I restore peace and balance to my life through releasing the unessential. I am supported by the universe in living authentically and taking inspired action towards my dreams.

The Tower represents the purging of the unessential. Deep down, your soul is craving equilibrium, and it will shake your life like an earthquake to regain that balance if you’re failing to make the necessary changes. When ideologies, beliefs, projects, jobs, relationships etc, are given more time and energy than they are due, life becomes the ultimate judge. You know when you ask the universe for a sign, but you don’t like the answer, or you’re scared of making the change it told you to make, so you pretend you didn’t get the sign, or you ask for a different one? You’re only fooling yourself there, and ultimately you know what needs to happen if you tap into your intuition. Change, though necessary, is often painful due to our resistance, and this change will likely be felt for a very, very long time. This moon cycle is here to shake up your life in a major way, to rid you of the unnecessary, so that you can start contributing to the world in the way that you were always meant to. While this might seem scary, it is important to remember that nothing of importance will be lost. Balance in your life is being restored right now, whether you think you need it or not. To ease the burden of change, remember to go with the flow, and do your best to be non-resistant. Have faith that the universe has only the best for you in store.


Intention: Become unshakably grounded in your truth through grace, self-reliance, and living authentically.

Affirmation:  I restore peace and balance to my life through releasing the unessential. I am supported by the universe in living authentically and taking inspired action towards my dreams.

Action Steps:

  • Judgment-free self-reflection
  • Bravely confront your shadows
  • Confidently stand in your truth
  • Take inspired action towards your goals
  • Release the fear of taking risks and living authentically
  • Embrace ALL your emotions: good and bad, light and dark
  • MASTER your emotions, and harness their energy for good
  • Know your values, and practice living in integrity and authenticity
  • Ground your energy and emotions when feeling emotionally heightened
  • Release the unnecessary, anything and anyone that no longer serves you
  • Become non-resistant to life
  • Embrace change
  • Look for new open doors and possibilities

    New Moon Ritual:

    Light some candles and set the mood. Cleanse yourself with sage, palo santo, or your choice of smudging method. Make a list of all the things you want to change this moon cycle. Dream big, cause this cycle has a ton of energy! Sit with the list, and ask the universe for help in creating these changes and achieving these goals. You can also ask your angels and spirit guides for assistance if that feels aligned for you. Then, sit quietly and ask your intuition, inner guide, or soul, what it is you need to change or release in order to live more authentically and achieve these goals. Write down your answers. Then, start breaking your goals down into actionable bits. Once you’ve broken your goals down into small, actionable tasks, leave the list out on your altar, or near a window so it can bathe in the new moon energy. Every day of this moon cycle, take at least one action towards creating change in your life or achieving a goal, and send gratitude to the universe for supporting you during these changes.

    Photo by Emily Ubienski