September 01, 2020

September 2: Full Moon in Pisces

By Nicole Macdonald
September 2: Full Moon in Pisces | Deuxmoons

By Straight Up Tarot

Full Moon in Pisces -  Sept 1-2, 2020 10:23 PM PT // 12:23 AM CT // 1:23 AM ET

This Full Moon, as we know, is a time of celebration, reflection, and completion. It's a time for self-love and appreciation. It's a moment of gratitude for all of the things we've been given, have earned, and have worked hard to create since the New Moon. The Full Moon helps illuminate the truth in our lives, expand our ways of thinking, and clear any remaining fog on our path.

This cycle, our Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces. The Sun and Moon oppose one another at the full moon, so we're looking at a Virgo vs. Pisces opposition. Finite, concrete reality vs. Infinite, intuitive ether. The energy of Pisces may have us in a dark, murky, and emotional headspace (stuck in ALL the feels,) but thankfully the practical energy of Virgo should help us to stay grounded in reality, even if it feels like we have to fight to keep our grasp on logical thinking.

Pisces has come to remind us to consider our spiritual and emotional states. If they've been left by the wayside recently, this is your opportunity to release any negative habits around your spiritual and emotional hygiene practices (or lack thereof!) We're being called to find balance in our lives right now between the energies of Virgo and Pisces. This means finding ways to identify and express your spiritual/emotional needs while maintaining order and progress in your everyday lives. If one of these energies is unbalanced in your lives, you'll know it when you see it: it's either excessive orderliness or chaos. 

In the last couple of weeks, there have been some challenging astrological happenings concerning Venus and Saturn that have been brewing impatience and frustration, which will peak during the Full Moon. Do your best to keep yourself in check around relationships and money, as the potential to ruin something is quite high during this time. Speak your truth and own your actions. Admit when you've messed up, and do what you can to make amends. Stay grounded, and don't do anything rash! Tap into the intuitive powers of Pisces energy, and let your intuition guide you to the next right decision. Look for opportunities to make positive changes in your life, and aim to release any feelings of stubbornness or old grudges you've been holding onto. 

During this full moon, the trick will be to stay as grounded as possible in our bodies, and in the present moment, because all these energies can be tricky to navigate. Thankfully there are some favorable astrological aspects to keep us from being wholly whisked away to some far off galaxy by Piscean energy:

Astrological Happenings:

  • Full Moon Sextile Uranus (in retrograde): This is a super favorable aspect. This grants us stronger than ordinary intuitive powers and quick decision-making capabilities. Your inhibitions will be lowered, making you more open to change, and you may even actively seek it out. This is a great time to follow your instincts and do your best to make the most out of any opportunities that present themselves during this time. It's also a great time for thinking up innovative ideas as you'll be incredibly open to new flashes of insight and inspiration. This energy can be electric, which isn't necessarily bad, but have some grounding and centering practices at your fingertips in case it becomes a little "too much."
  • Cardinal Grand Cross: These energies may put us a little on edge during this Full Moon, as you'll be pushed and pulled in four different directions. The best way to navigate this is to not give in to any of them, and stay firmly grounded in the middle.

    Here's the breakdown:
    Cardinal energy = decisive action
    Venus in Cancer - the love of family, home, safety and security
    Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn - pushing us to develop self-discipline and mastery
    Mars in Aries - Zero patience for the Saturn game, wants instant gratification and is all about the now
    Juno in Libra - here to remind us we're not the only ones affected by our actions, so stay mindful.

    Thankfully, there's also:
    Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto and Saturn (both in Capricorn) - a lovely clarifying energy to help us cut through the confusion to understand what the heck is actually going on with these conflicting messages!

All that being said, don't take anything on blind faith during this moon, since Pisces will be seriously amping up your intuition! There's a strong chance that all your gut feelings, dreams, and visions are actually telling you the truth. The only way to find how accurate they are is to act on them!

This Full Moon brings us lots of transformative energy, so be open to the changes awaiting you. Let go of expectations you hold for the future and stories from the past. Let go of who you were yesterday, and welcome who you are in the present moment. Like all moments of transformation and change, the only way out is through. Dive in.

The Reading:

Deck: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

Card 1: What have I created and manifested since the new moon?

Draw: Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents celebration, joy, relaxation, and completion. YAY! The BEST news to receive for a Full Moon. Something you've been working on since the New Moon has become complete. Take this time to celebrate your achievements. This could look like reaching a significant milestone in a large project instead of reaching the actual finish-line, so don't sell yourself short! The Full Moon is literally the time for celebrating our successes, so do so without hesitation. Enjoy yourself! This can also represent entering a period of safety and security, harmony and balance, and feeling supported by those you know and love, or entering a moment of pause after much expansion and growth. Take time to honor where you are on your path, and don't rush through these moments of respite to get to the action! 



Card 2: Where am I now?

Draw: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups represents stagnation and walking away from a disappointing situation. This card's message is about packing your bags (literal, or metaphorical) and moving on, as there's nothing left for you here. Unfortunately, there's no hope for rekindling what's been lost, so you're being called to cut your ties, look to the horizon, and move on in faith that something better is coming down the road. This could pertain to an unfulfilling job or career path, a relationship, a creative hobby, living arrangement, you name it. You've given it your all, and have been met with disappointment in some form or another. You're no longer getting anything out of this situation, so you're being called to move on, even though it may be painful and sad to do so. Know that your future is still bright, and the energy you've been putting towards this thing/person is now yours again to be utilized in a more aligned and useful way. 



Card 3: What is coming into my conscious awareness?

Draw: Father of Cups

The Father of Cups (aka, King of Cups) represents mastery over the realms of emotion, creativity, and the unconscious, and represents the perfect combination of head and heart. You're being called to embody the energy of the King of Cups. If you're being met with challenges in your life, aim to remain emotionally mature in your reactions, especially when being met with others' negativity. You're doing yourself a disservice by stooping to their low levels of behavior by lashing out. Keep your boundaries firm, and stay level-headed and in control of your emotions at all times. Rely on your intellect and intuition to make decisions, and don't let circumstances or the opinions and feelings of others sway you from sticking with your morals, values, and personal path. 



Card 4: What is no longer serving me?

Draw: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands represents courage, inner strength, perseverance, and protection. A moment has come where you will no longer find support from others on your path. You may even find people actively against you on your path at this time. In the past, this kind of resistance or challenge may have led you to dim your light and close up your heart. Change yourself or your message to something a little more "palatable" for everyone. Instead of reverting back to old bad habits, you're being called to continue to stand tall and bright in your truth. Stand up courageously for your beliefs, ideas, projects, and life path. This is not the moment to back down. Let your internal fire and passion bolster your courage and blind the haters! Be prepared to defend your positions with dignity and grace, but know that sometimes even the best logic and reasoning falls on deaf ears. Remember that you are not the jackass whisperer, and unfortunately, some people just aren't going to like you or what you do. Keep doing you anyway! It's your life, not theirs.



Card 5: How can I release and let go of these energies?

Draw: The Fool

The Fool represents spontaneity, innocence, and new beginnings. This is the card of ultimate opportunity and potential. Will you step up to the plate and grab it? A new adventure awaits, and the Universe is calling you to accept its invitation. You may not be able to see the path ahead or where it leads, but this card's energy is all about taking a leap of faith, no matter how crazy it seems! Trust that the Universe will catch you as you deep dive into the unknown! The Fool encourages you to adopt an open mind and a courageous heart. Have a sense of excitement about this new journey instead of fear. Personal growth, personal development, new experiences, and adventure await! In any case, the time is NOW! Even if you don't feel 100% ready, take that leap of faith! Your intuition knows what this card concerns! This is your sign!



Card 6: What additional resources are available to me as I release and let go?

Draw: Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles represents sadness, worries, feelings of lack, and isolation. At this time, you may be going through some tough challenges (especially regarding career or finances) that have left you feeling stuck, worried, and alone. You may feel like you've been left out in the cold and that nobody wants to help you. It may seem like no one even cares about you anymore. The lesson here is that you may be a little too focused on your problems to notice the solutions sitting right next to you. See if you can adjust your focus on life to start noticing these solutions. Additionally, your loved ones may be preoccupied with their own struggles to realize you need help, so now is the time to speak up and ask! Swallow your pride, and release your fear of rejection. There are people out there willing to support you, you just need to seek them out. On another note, if you're struggling with a "lack" mindset, you may be sabotaging your abundance manifestations. You keep focusing on what's lacking instead of having gratitude for the abundance already in your life. If this is you, you're being called to shift this energy by having gratitude for everything you have in your life right this second, even if it seems small and insignificant. Release any fears around "not having enough" or "losing what you have." Know that you are safe and supported by the Universe. 



Card 7: Affirmation/energy for the waning cycle

Draw: The Magician

Affirmation: I am a powerful and creative being. I easily manifest my goals and desires by using all my tools, energy, and resources.

The Magician represents self-empowerment, action, manifestation, and resourcefulness. This card's message is simple: you have everything you need, right now, to take action towards your dreams. You're being called to full step into your power. You have all the tools, energy, and resources you need to bring your ideas into reality. Everything you need is literally at your fingertips. If something from the New Moon hasn't yet manifested, see where you can take more action to bring it into reality. If the seed of a new idea has been planted in your mind, start taking action towards its manifestation! This card is a reminder that we are powerful and creative beings, and we can absolutely create whatever it is we set our minds to. 



Affirmation: I am a powerful and creative being. I easily manifest my goals and desires by using all my tools, energy, and resources.

Action Steps:

  • Celebrate all victories, big and small
  • Enjoy the moments of “pause” in life
  • Walk away from unharmonious projects/relationships/life circumstances that aren’t working for you
  • Master your emotions
  • Combine your intellect with your intuition for making decisions
  • Don’t dim your light!
  • Ignore the haters, and keep doing you
  • Say “yes!” to new opportunities that present themselves
  • Ask for help if/when you need it
  • Reframe your life focus to start focusing on blessings instead of problems
  • Release thoughts and feelings of lack
  • Know that you are an immensely powerful and creative being
  • Take action on any goals that you’ve yet to get started on, and keep taking action on those still in progress.
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