Gifting Guide

To align your energy with the lunar cycle to help manifest dreams and desires, select your candle for the phase’s intention. Choose to CREATE, CONNECT, REFLECT, TRANSCEND, TRANSFORM or summon your POWER (or all of the above).

To mark a special date or occasion such as a wedding or birthday, find the date’s corresponding phase here. If the date you're looking for is in 2020, please reference our lunar calendar.

Select your candle for its fragrance notes. Our beautiful, nature and ritual-inspired blends represent fresh, lively, botanical, earthy, woodsy, and floral scents.



sandalwood | white ginger | yuzu

CREATE // Set intentions for a new beginning

This fresh and clean warm scent is perfect for:

A first-time entrepreneur launching her business
A wedding gift
Celebrating a birthday -- one more trip around the sun


eucalyptus | amber | moonflower

CONNECT // Take positive action and move forward.

This lively, energizing and slightly sweet scent is perfect for:

Encouraging a dreamer to make her big move
Your friend who just started training for a half marathon
Your sister finally learning Italian


lavender | rose | sassafras

REFLECT // Breathe. Consider and refine the path to your dreams.

This lush, calming, botanical scent is perfect for: 
Anyone craving time for introspection, reflection and inner peace; 
The one with the big, busy life who needs to rest
Your bestie who is pushing hard but not sure she's still going in the right direction
Whoever needs a calm and intentional space to practice gratitude and mindfulness.


patchouli | cypress | bergamot

TRANSCEND // Release negativity and receive abundance.

This earthy, soft and comforting scent is perfect for:

Your friend going through a divorce or was recently laid off
Someone experiencing grief
Anyone who needs to forgive themselves or someone else
Someone in need of a detox
Anyone who needs to hear that better times are coming


sage | juniper | smoke

TRANSFORM // Clear past energy and embrace your new journey.

This cleansing, warm and woodsy scent is perfect for:

Your friend's housewarming party
Celebrating a new office or building
Anyone experiencing a profound time of growth and change such as a new baby or major career change


calla lily | sea salt

POWER // Super-charged energy amplifies your dreams. Shine bright.

This bold, gorgeous floral scent is perfect for:

A recent graduate
Your girlfriend who just decided to run for office (YES!!)
Celebrating your cousin's first novel or your favorite artist's latest gallery show