About Deuxmoons

Deuxmoons candles celebrate the feminine connection to lunar phases and celestial events.

Custom-blended fragrances are inspired by natural elements and rituals. Each candle’s intention encourages a journey towards abundance.

  • 100% hand-poured soy wax
  • 50 hours approximate burn time
  • Intense fragrance throw

Selecting Your Candle

Candles may be selected by moon phase to create awareness of the lunar cycle and to manifest desired intentions. Choose to create, connect, reflect, transcend, transform or summon your power - or all of the above.

Select the lunar phase corresponding to a specific date or meaningful day such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Find our illustrated lunar calendar here.

Select your candle for its fragrance notes. Our intense, nature-inspired blends represent fresh, spicy, herbal, earthy, woodsy and floral scents.

The Founders

Deuxmoons was launched by identical twin sisters to mark the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. 

Founded by Becca Stephens and Emily Bolf, the luxury candle line features six bold custom fragrance blends inspired by the guiding principles of the four primary lunar phases, as well as the more extraordinary occurrences of eclipses and supermoons. The packaging features metallic prints of hand drawn illustrations by Becca, inspired by vintage photographs and imagery. The matte black glass vessels are foil-printed with moon phase icons in metallic gold.

While our fragrances are inspired by nature and rituals, for a variety of reasons we choose to use high quality fragrance oils rather than essential oils in our candles.