July 18, 2020

July 20: New Moon in Cancer

By Emily Bolf
July 20: New Moon in Cancer | Deuxmoons

by Straight up Tarot

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New Moon in Cancer, July 20, 2020 10:33 AM PT/1:33 PM ET/12:33 PM CT

Welcome to the second New Moon in Cancer this year! *yayyyy…..tears*

This New Moon in Cancer is the first that hasn’t been an eclipse since 2017! While this makes it a more “regular” New Moon, it does have a tight opposition to Saturn, which still makes its energy a little challenging to work with. During this new Moon, you may feel really fired up to start super fresh due to some mars/mercury influences happening right now, but this New Moon is very moody and even melancholic. It has a “serious” vibe and almost “heavy” energy that may feel somewhat restrictive. It wants us to honor the limits we have to work within and to work with patience, determination, and persistence towards our goals.

This New Moon is not the best time to begin something that needs to manifest quickly or to start a risky venture of any kind. The energy of this Moon is reflective, contemplative, and meditative. Its energy will work to uplift “slow and steady” processes that are put into place. Now is not the time to rush things into being.

This New Moon is calling us to adhere to stable and sound traditions and adapt to the current times to create a future full of nourishment and care for everyone. We’re getting a double dose of Cancerian medicine this year. With it, we are being called to understand how our “origin stories” are shaping our present moment, and how we are allowing those stories to shape our future.

The New Moon in Cancer is a great time to:

  • Honor your deepest, most intimate, most irrational feelings.
  • Recognize the sense of security and safety you derive from whatever and wherever it is you call home. 
  • Allow yourself to accept support AND offer support to others. 
  • Majorly focus on home and family life, domestic affairs, and appreciating your roots.
  • Build up your feelings of security and safety.
  • Start a project aimed at improving your domestic life OR a majorly long-term project.
  • CRY #jkbutnotreallyjk

During the New Moon in Cancer, you will likely feel a little more fragile, withdrawn, or fearful of the unknown. You may find yourself looking for feelings of protection, tenderness, and kindness. You will likely want to stay home, or you may yearn for a place that gives you a sense of reassurance. It will have you wanting to avoid large crowds/groups, and large gatherings of any kind. The best vibe for Social Distancing! #saferathome <3

On the flip side, you may also feel more creativity and imagination during this New Moon :D You’ll also develop a clearer picture of what really matters to you. This energy will encourage you to put your feelings and personal safety first, above all. The energy of this New Moon will also have us feeling extremely intuitive. This should help us all make decisions with ease, and hopefully avoid conflict with just about anyone trying to start sh*t ;)

Some other Astrological Happenings:

  • Mars enters its pre-retrograde shadow on July 26th - starting the 26th until January 2021, Mars will be assisting us with a major life review. Mars is the planet of action, fire, and courage. Depending on where Mars is in your chart will determine how this transit will affect your life. You can look up your birth chart for free online to see where Mars might be shaking things up for you in the coming months!
  • Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow on July 27th - Thought we were done with Mercury? Not quite! It has a pre and post-retrograde shadow period *cries* Thankfully, it’s finally done on the 27th, and Mercury can resume helping us in our communication efforts instead of hindering us!
  • Venus leaves its post-retrograde shadow on July 29th - YAY! And, on August 7th, Venus leaves the sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. After this transition, we can get a clearer picture of how this past Venus Retrograde has impacted us and how we relate to others.  

The Reading:

Card 1: What intention should you set for this New Moon?

Draw: Knight of Swords

Intention: Strive for excellence in all you say and do, and work with diligence and determination towards your goals. Give your gifts and resources freely.The Knight of Swords represents all things success: determination, ambition, passion, intelligence, and the pursuit of excellence in all areas.  The Knight of Swords calls us to bring all of our energy and belief in successful outcomes in every situation we encounter. How determined are you to create success in your life? Are you quick to make decisions, or do you stagnate in indecision created out of fear? Do you think you’ll fail before you even start? Is your energy too scattered to make any progress because you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once? This card calls us to strive for excellence every single day, in everything that we do. Give your all, and you will receive other’s best in return. Re-focus your energy if necessary. Additionally, if you have the skills, the means, or the opportunity to jump in and “save the day” for someone, do so! Be generous with your skills, gifts, and resources when you feel called to do so.

Card 2: How can you best manifest this intention throughout the moon cycle?

Draw: Two of Cups

The Two of Cups represents connected hearts, kindred spirits, joyful connection and cooperation, and partnership -- romantic or otherwise. This card usually signifies the beginning of a beautiful new relationship! This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a business partnership. It signifies the pairing of two souls together who are perfect for each other -- think twin-flame vibes. It also signifies the merging of two paths that will forever be changed and/or united due to this new partnership. Evaluate how you show up in a relationship of any kind. Do you give more, or take more? Are you selfish? Possessive? Do you walk on eggshells? Is it your way or the highway? Do you ask for help when you need it, or do you expect people to read your mind? As this moon cycle progresses, you’re being called to reflect on how you see yourself as one half of a relationship and what your energy is like working with others, as opposed to working on your own. Open yourself to possible partnerships and new connections with others. Additionally, be open to evaluating and changing how you operate in a partnership.

Card 3: How will the energy of the new moon affect you?

Draw: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles represents community, teamwork, sharing and listening, and teaching and learning. There is truly no limit to what you can manifest when you work together with others. Working with others gives us a unique opportunity to learn from other people with different backgrounds and experiences. It provides us with the opportunity to blend our energies together to manifest something totally new in the world. This New Moon is calling you to be open to the collective and to create something for the good of all. Look for conscious collaborations you can create in your life, whether that makes you the mentor or the mentee. Either is good! While the Cancerian vibe of this Moon will push you to stay introverted, it’s equally important to those Cancerian vibes to keep nurturing your relationships and remain open to welcoming others into your heart. There’s a lot of fear happening in the world right now, and you’re being called to step out and be part of the collective solution through conscious collaboration with other like-minded people. Use your skills and gifts in combination with others’ talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Card 4: How to best integrate and work with this moon energy

Draw: Judgment

The Judgment card represents self-realization, spiritual awakening, redemption, the unveiling of spirit, and complete and total transparency. This New Moon brings you a massive moment of clarity in your life, in many different ways. You are coming to realize that the only approval that matters is your own, and there’s no point in putting any stock into judgments made by others or judging others on their life choices. This is the time to ask yourself some hard questions. Are you really doing your best right now? Are you allowing yourself to be truly seen by others, or are you constantly wearing a mask to hide your true self? Are you pretending to be super happy when you’re actually struggling? Or, are you truly actually ecstatic about life, but dimming your light in fear of making others uncomfortable? Now is the time to let go of the facades, the masks, and the emotional barriers you have up to protect yourself. When we’re completely open and authentically ourselves, it’s easier for others to meet us energetically in the same way. This is a moment of radical self-acceptance and the ability to be completely open and honest with yourself without judgment. This moment calls for radical self-forgiveness and radical self-love. While this may feel really scary, this unveiling of your soul is necessary for growth and expansion. It’s safe to be genuinely you. 

Card 5: What lessons does this new moon hold for you?

Draw: Two of Wands

The Two of Wands represents progress, activation, possibilities, and the choice between your comfort zone and new adventures. The big lesson here is learning to make decisions and not staying stuck in inaction forever. You need to make a choice to actually achieve the things you’ve been dreaming of, or make a choice not to actually go for it. That way, you can truly free up your energy instead of spending it pining for something you’re not really willing to pursue. You have the choice to keep dreaming about it or to start living it. Taking action is the only way to make your dreams a reality. As much as we’d like, no one will plop our dreams in our laps without one ounce of action on our part. The time has come to choose your comfy, perfectly worn-in comfort zone, or the possibly uncomfortable, exciting, and definitely new adventure. Change is scary, no doubt about it. But being stuck and angsty about not achieving your dreams is definitely worse. Make the decision, call the person, learn the thing. Walk the talk. Use the fiery wands energy to fuel your actions. You got this!

Card 6: What do you need to release during this new Moon?

Draw: The Lovers

The Lovers represents a choice, dualities, harmony, unity, relationships, healthy boundaries, and soulmates. You are being called to release the resistance to love, relationships, and deep connection during this new Moon. You are currently on the cusp of a profound connection (ESPECIALLY WITH THE TWO OF CUPS IN THIS READING), and you need to not push it away. But, of course, the choice is yours (sorry, I get emphatic sometimes.) Will you embrace the energy of this beautiful new connection and shift into relationship or not? This card can also be a massive lesson in trust and vulnerability. Where are you not willing to be fully seen by someone else? Where are you not willing to be supported by others? Do you have major trust issues? Do you completely lose yourself in relationship and don’t know how to define yourself outside of one? Are your boundaries in relationships all out of whack? You’re being called to heal ALL of this right now. Honesty, vulnerability, intimacy, and passion are critical to relationships, and these themes are being pulled into the light to be healed. It’s important to remember that while beautiful partnerships are amazing gifts in our lives, self-love and our relationship with ourselves are ultimately the most important relationships in our lives. Strengthening your relationship with yourself will help balance out all relationships in your life. Open yourself to meaningful relationships and expand into union with honesty and trust. 

Card 7: How to best release this (whatever comes up for card 6)

Draw: Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords represents feeling stuck, having more options than you thought, and an opportunity to let go of an old story. You are being called to look beyond the illusions you’ve created in your life. YOU create your reality, no one else. If you’ve been feeling trapped or stuck in a situation without any way out, remember that this is just a perspective you can change. This is an opportunity to choose sovereignty over victimhood. You are the creator of your shackles, and you can free yourself from them at any time. You are ultimately in charge of your own happiness! As annoying as it is to remember, we are never really stuck. You always know what to do, though sometimes, we don’t want to do it out of fear, frustration, or anger, or...you name it. Now is the time to heal feelings of helplessness, stuckness, stagnation, fear, and victimization, especially concerning partnerships and unions of any kind. Let go of any old stories that aren’t serving you and any lingering low-vibe feelings. NO wallowing. Reframe any negative experiences as lessons, and choose to heal and move forward. 

Card 8: Affirmation/Energy for the new moon cycle

Draw: Justice

Affirmation: I keep myself accountable for my thoughts and actions. I always act with integrity. 

The Justice card represents balance, karma, wisdom, integrity, and accountability. Justice asks you to learn from alllll of your past experiences, the good and the bad. And, politely asks you not to repeat the mistakes you’ve made, for your sake. This is your opportunity to learn and grow from all. of. it. Now, this is not about achieving perfection. This is about fairness and deep honesty. This is about gaining clarity around the motivation and intention behind your thoughts and actions. You’re being called to realistically evaluate the cause and effect of these thoughts and actions. Where can you do better? You should consult both your light and shadowy parts to balance your growth, as they both have invaluable information to share with you. Work to reframe your reality and remove any negative emotional charge from evaluating yourself. Again, this is about learning to be better, not a hate-on-yourself moment. We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we currently have. Now that you’re armed with more insight and experience, you can do better and be better. Make amends where needed, forgive yourself, and forgive others. The more you act with integrity, the stronger your aura will become. And the stronger your aura is, the more magnetic you are, and the more quickly you will magnetize all the people and things you’ve been wanting into your life.


Intention: Strive for excellence in all you say and do, and work with diligence and determination towards your goals. Give your gifts and resources freely.

Affirmation: I keep myself accountable for my thoughts and actions. I always act with integrity. 

Action Steps:

  • Strive for excellence
  • Work diligently with determination and persistence
  • Give your gifts and resources freely to those in need
  • Open yourself to new connections and relationships
  • Join the conscious collective
  • Contribute to the collective to make the world a better place
  • Radical Self-Acceptance
  • Radical Self-Forgiveness
  • Radical Self-Love
  • Release the masks, facades, and emotional barriers to connection
  • Make the conscious decision to leave your comfort zone, or, not
  • Release all resistance and fear to love, connection, and partnership
  • Release any illusions, victimization, and negative perspectives keeping you stuck
  • Evaluate your thoughts and actions, and learn from past mistakes
  • Act with integrity in every moment of every day 
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