July 12: Last Quarter Moon

July 11, 2020

July 12: Last Quarter Moon

By Straight Up Tarot

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The Moon reaches its last quarter phase on July 12th, 2020, at 4:29 PM PT/7:29 PM ET/6:29 PM CT in the sign of Aries.

All this week, the Moon has been waning. During the waning period of the moon cycle, it's not the best time to start new projects, as our creativity levels are lower than usual. That being said, following up and moving forward with any opportunities presented during last week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse would definitely be a good idea. These opportunities should keep you busy in place of new creative projects or ideas, as they were likely very significant. If nothing presented itself to you, don't worry. The next New Moon is only a week away, and our creative juices should be back to normal by then!

The Last Quarter phase is all about transition, reorientation, and completion. It's the best time in the Moon Cycle to take closing action, follow-up, and complete all the activities that began at the New Moon phase. As always, you're called to keep following your intuition and inner guidance system to stay on track and to keep taking inspired action towards your goals. 

During this Moon Phase, you may become aware of what is and is not working with respect to the achievement of your goal for the cycle. This is the last push to release anything that isn't working. What do you need to let go of? It's important to note that action is essential during this time. Either to take corrective action to stay on course for the achievement of your goal or simply to make the final push towards the successful outcome of your goal/whatever it is that you've been working on manifesting throughout this moon cycle. You know what you need to do, so let's get it done! This moon phase's energy is all about being responsible and taking ownership of your actions/choice of inaction, realigning with your goal if necessary, and cleansing yourself and your life of the unnecessary. 

The Moon is in Aries, which creates a vibe of boldness, courageousness, competitiveness, bravery, and complete trust in your ability to take on anything. Aries has no fear—if there's something you've been wanting to achieve (i.e., your new moon goal?) there's no time like the present to keep pushing and see this through to the end! This energy is incredibly complimentary for ruthlessly cleansing our lives of whatever isn't needed.

Aries energy has us wanting to do things we've never done before and pushes us to take risks and step into the unknown. Aries will push you to take risks without being overly concerned with the outcome. Now is an excellent time to just jump in and not worry too much about commitment just yet. Your natural sense of discipline will take over when it's needed. Plus, allowing yourself to make mistakes provides you with the freedom to discover new things without the pressure to be perfect at it right away :D

The Moon in Aries also gives us the perfect opportunity to compete against ourselves, instead of each other! How can you beat your previous best in any area of your life? AND, it's incredible energy to meet whatever it is you've been avoiding with huge bursts of courage. The time has come to meet these things HEAD ON! 

All that being said, this Aries energy is not for the faint of heart. Aries energy is fiery in every sense of the word. It's quick to act, which is great for putting out potential fires in our lives, but it also influences us to act and speak without thinking and generally encourages impulsiveness. When the Moon is in Aries, we can become prone to overreactions, knee-jerk reactions, hotheadedness, and even straight-up rude or reckless behavior. So do your best to stay cool, in every sense of the word ;)

As harsh as Aries may seem, it provides us with a crazy amount of energy to get sh*t done, even for the mildest tempered of us to draw on. The trick here is to master it before it has the chance to wreak havoc on our lives. We can do this pretty easily by remembering to take a breath before we speak, act, or react, and by remembering not to sweat the small stuff :)

Other Astrological Fun Stuff:

  • Chiron Retrograde - July 2020 astrology has a lot of retrograde energy with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. Now Chiron has entered the mix of retrograde energy as of yesterday, July 11th, 2020, in the sign of Aries. This retrograde will last until December 15th, 2020. Chiron Retrograde asks us to look inward at our pain so we can finally heal it. If we've been living in our past and allowing it to control us, it's time to let go of that energy so it can no longer control our emotions and our future.
  • Mercury is no longer Retrograde! - Mercury was retrograde since June 18th, and finally turned direct, today, in the sign of Cancer, after a retrograde cycle that lasted over three weeks. That being said, Mercury doesn't end its shadow period until July 26th, 2020. This shadow period or "retroshade" period is all about integration and processing. What lessons have you learned over this Mercury retrograde? What necessary changes or losses did this retrograde prompt in your life? Use this time to make significant and bold changes in your life regarding the knowledge you've gained over this retrograde period.
  • Eclipse Season is Ending - Thankfully, the intensity of Eclipse Season is finally waning, right along with the Moon. All that intense Eclipse energy we've been feeling since June and through the beginning of July should finally start to back off, giving us all some much-needed relief. 

During this moon phase, take some time for growth, spiritual, or otherwise. We've been gifted with super crystal clarity around our habits, thinking, and patterns recently. This clarity should help you appreciate the good ones and toss the bad ones without guilt. 

Also, it's a really great time to practice some self-love and be gentle with yourself. Send some of that love back out into the world by being patient with others, too. We're all in the midst of a lot of inner-work and processing that's being intensified by Cancer season. Let's remember to cut everyone some slack, including ourselves <3

A personal note: I’d love for you all to go back and re-read the Tarot Reading for the New Moon and see how we’ve progressed with our goals and intentions for this moon cycle! It’s so exciting to see the progress we’ve made through the cards. Sending you all lots of love, see you guys for the next new moon! 

The Reading:

Card 1: What must I accept to keep moving forward and progressing towards my goals and intentions?

Draw: The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents our inner wisdom and intuition. The High Priestess is here to remind us that sometimes we’re not meant to know all the answers, and that’s okay. We don’t need all the answers before we move forward or take action, though that may seem scary to think about. We’re meant to lean on ourselves, not an external source of guidance. As we’re visited by the High Priestess for a second time during this moon cycle, she reminds us that we must accept reliance on our inner guidance system into our life, and the ability to sit in stillness to acquire the answers or guidance we seek. Lean into your intuition and your personal experience of life to develop your own personal brand of wisdom. Look within for the directions you seek, instead of outside sources. Releasing the need for concrete answers or “proof” will set you free and help you gain the strength and conviction to keep moving forward without stagnating in fear.

Card 2: Where and from whom can I find the most support and guidance along my path?

Draw: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups represents a waking self -- the dawning of spiritual awareness. When was the last time you checked in with your inner-child? They have a message for you, if you’re willing to chat. How are they feeling with all these internal and external changes? Are they scared? How can you make them feel safe? Additionally, how can you expand into your child-like curiosity and joy? Where can you embrace fun in your life? What about wonder and imagination? Let this care-free energy be your guide along your path. Let love and joy guide you to the next right thing in your life. Your inner-child has a wealth of emotional and spiritual knowledge for you to explore, if only you’d tune in. 

Card 3: What grudges have I been holding against myself or others that I must forgive and release?

Draw: The Star

The Star represents the feeling of hope, and knowing that all is well. It’s an invitation to rest, and to heal. Where have you been demanding change and results from yourself, others, and the world? Release the need to have everything work on your ideal timing. Where have you been leaning on others necessarily to provide a guiding light for you? Have you been dependent on others for your sense of hope? Have you been expecting some form of assistance from someone, or the universe, and didn’t receive it? Have you been demanding a “sign” for something and getting nothing? Forgive yourself, forgive others, and forgive the universe. Drop all sense of anger or unhappiness regarding things you can’t control, and remember that you, and everyone else is doing their best with the resources and knowledge they have at the time. The Star reminds us that everything is as it should be, even if life is looking less than stellar to us. Struggles arrive in our lives so that we may learn. And sometimes, assistance isn’t given so that we may learn exactly how resilient and capable we truly are. Be grateful for all the support you currently have, and know that you are safe. Everything is working in divine timing, and you are more capable than you realize. Look to the future with hope.

Card 4: What lesson must I learn? What else do I need to learn to manifest my intention?

Draw: King of Coins

The King of Coins reminds us of the importance of tradition, stability, practicality, and straight up hard work. We are being called to learn the lesson of self-reliance, groundedness, and level-headedness. We must respect the rhythms of life, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, while knowing that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything we put our minds to. The King of Coins reminds us to not rely on fads, or trends, or whatever the new popular “thing/method/diet/course” is. Do your research, and rely on the tried and true methods to achieve your goals. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel sheerly to be “unique,” as this may not be the best time for innovation. If you know what works, do that. If you don’t know what works, research and find out. Someone out there has the experience and answers to share with you. Remember what K.I.S.S. stands for? Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don’t drive yourself mad trying to fix what ain’t broke. Taking the “path well-traveled” sometimes is perfectly okay. It’s time for us to learn the value of practicality and caution when working towards our goals.

Card 5: Affirmation/Energy for The Last Quarter/Waning Phase

Draw: Seven of Swords

Affirmation: I now release all old beliefs and thoughtforms that are no longer aligned with my soul, and that no longer serve me. It is safe for me to change my values and live my life in a new way. 

The Seven of Swords represents risk, either in dishonesty or bravery. We’re being asked to evaluate our morals and values. Are you living your life by them? Walking your talk? For some of us, this is risky business. When we walk our talk, it may result in losing people and opportunities from our lives. This can be incredibly painful and difficult to deal with, but it’s important to note that making room in our lives for more aligned relationships and opportunities is ultimately a good thing, even if we have to walk through the fires of change to get there, first. You’re being called to take the risk and live boldly aligned with your values. Stand courageously in your beliefs. If you’ve been hiding away because you feel out of alignment, re-evaluate your belief systems and values. What’s not matching up to your soul anymore? The Last Quarter Moon is the perfect time to shed these old ways of being and step back out into the light as a new you. But, as with everything in life, the risk is yours to take, or leave, along with the consequences of your decision.


Affirmation: I now release all old beliefs and thoughtforms that are no longer aligned with my soul, and that no longer serve me. It is safe for me to change my values and live my life in a new way. 

Action Steps:

  • Make time for growth
  • Be gentle with yourself and others
  • Practice self-love and self-care
  • Make time for introspection and meditation
  • Take on any challenges courageously
  • Release the fear of failure or making mistakes
  • Remember to breathe before you act/react to a situation
  • Embrace “self-reliance” in every sense possible
  • Distill your own wisdom from your intuition and life experience
  • Check in with your inner-child and listen to their wisdom
  • Lean into fun, joy, wonder, and imagination
  • Continue to trust in the timing of the universe
  • Release grudges/guilt/shame about not changing or achieving “fast enough”
  • Let others off the hook for not providing you unwavering support/assistance/hope/guidance
  • Learn to embrace stability, practicality, and hard work
  • K.I.S.S :)
  • Respect the rhythms of life (ups/downs, good/bad)
  • Rely on the tried and true methods rather than fads to achieve your goals
  • Evaluate your morals/values/beliefs/thoughtforms, and release all those that no longer serve you or fit you
  • Take the risk to stand firmly in your beliefs, no matter what
  • Walk your talk!
  • Shed all the old ways of being, and step back out into life anew

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